July 16, 2017

Natural deodorant

So for the past few months I have been using natural deodorant and it has been, well interesting. HA.
So I detoxed from 'real' deodorant for almost 2 weeks. I seriously didn't wear anything for weeks. It was kinda gross in not gonna lie. I smelled like cat pee. lol, I swear! 
I would be out and about and I would keep getting a whiff of cat pee! I don't know. Maybe it wasn't me. Everyone smells different 😏
So I went to GNC and got PiperWai natural deodorant. It was made by two girls in their kitchen, in Philly nonetheless! And I loved their Ad.

I'm a HUGE sucker for advertising. If its funny and makes me laugh, I'll probably buy it.
So I used it for about a month so far. I like the roll on stick vs. the jar because I really don't like rubbing stuff in my armpits with my fingers. 
Call me crazy but I think it's gross to rub my fingers in my pits.
Ok so first let me remind you that I live in Pennsylvania. Where the humidity feels like you are wearing a fur coat outside. Or it's nice and cool. You never know! 
But for the most part it's hot and sticky and I sweat, a lot.
Like a farmer working in the hot sun all day. I'm gross. 
And the natural deodorant is just that, deodorant. Not an anti-perserant. So it's doesn't stop you from sweating and yes, I know that sweating is normal. 
I just don't like it.
I don't like my shirt being soaking wet, this is not a wet t-shirt contest! 
It's hard enough carring a baby around, (and boobs filled will hot milk) I don't need my armpits to be faucets of sweat too. 
So for me, the natural deodorant didn't work.
I'm sorry. I tried. I just rather not sweat. 
So if you don't sweat like a hog then go for it! I gave some to my friend who doesn't wear deodorant and she loves it!
So everyone is different. 
I hope you try it and love it!


June 26, 2017

The Dead and Co

So yesterday we packed up the whole family and drove to Philly for The Dead and Co show. Well we weren't really going to the show but regardless, we went to Philly. Hahahaha. 
I wanted to go shopping at Anthropologie and my friend was selling his tie-dyes and he told to come sell my indigo's! So I figured, why not!!? 



The kids had so much fun! 
I used to take Logan to Phish concerts when he was little and I was pregnant with Dylan. So this is nothing new to me but kids forget everything. So they ran up and down and sold tie-dyes. Hahahaha. I truly didn't think they would have as much fun as they did. 


We just hung out in the Volkswagen Van and had a great time. It definitely gives you a different perspective about concerts. I used to be the one getting drunk and not remembering the music but now it's different. I am able to enjoy the time with my family and be happy 😊 


Now I get to sit here and fold laundry while the baby sleeps. Perfect Monday afternoon 👍🏽


June 16, 2017

Jubilee Day

So Thursday was Jubilee Day, the longest 1 day street fair in the United States!! Woohooo! 
It also happened to be 3 blocks from where we just bought a house. So obviously I had to have a party 🎉 
It was mostly for the kids, that's all I really worry about anymore. The adults have done Jubilee Day before, they know what they are doing. Hahahaha. 
But I'm all about the kiddos. I had 2 pools set up, a bubble machine, and a ton of snacks. 
The kids had so much fun playing in the pool and it was a perfect day out, not too humid. And for it being the middle of June in Pennsylvania, that's surprising. Usually it's like walking outside with a fur coat on. You're sweating just putting the kids in the car. No wonder people go crazy in the summer! 


This little nugget hates the heat but he looks so cute all naked in his baby sling 😍😍
Jubilee day is all about the food to me. Crab cake sandwiches, giant turkey legs, kabobs, funnel cake, ice cream, ohmygosh I need to stop I'm getting hungry again. Hahaha. 
The kids road some rides with their friends and we got to see some live music. 
Logan smashed his face on the back steps of our porch so our little party had to be put on hold so I could rush him to the dentist. An hour later he was all fixed up and ready to go back and ride the rides. HA. Typical kid. 

This picture was taken after the face smashing incident and everyone was hot and cranky at that point. 😑🤣😂

It's Sunday and I'm finally getting around to posting this. HA. This weekend has been crazy! Birthday parties 🎉 and we are still unpacking 😑 

Here's to surviving through the week ✌🏽❤️


June 13, 2017

House shiiiiiiiii..... you know

So everything is moved in and pretty much put away. Except for the fact that we need dressers and more furniture but I'll deal with that later. 

I was totally overwhelmed the first 2 nights here. I couldn't find anything and I felt like I was so busy that I couldn't even take a shower, I definitely wore the same  Dwell+ Slumber dress two days in a row. I have no shame. 

I was actually detoxing from my aluminum deodorant too. So I was dirty AND smelly. It was kinda the worst. I was an all around hot mess. I can't believe I got through it. Hahahaha. I've been in much worse situations, believe me. 

The boys were having a blast, setting up their new room and playing with toys that they forgot about. You know, kid stuff! 


But I had to get moving, literally, like unpack some shit. These book weren't going to unpack themselves. So I had to pull myself together and start with a plan. 

I would go and set up each room one by one. Starting with the baby's room! 

 Considering that almost every room need to be painted or wallpapered, I'm trying to make the most out of it. HA. I got this awesome letter board from a mama on the

Wildbird chitchat page. 


And it's definitely going in Remy's room. I just need to find the nails. 

So all in all it's coming along. I'm having a party in a few days so I need to get it together! 

Wish me luck! 



P. S. I still don't have the internet at my house. I am currently sitting in a parking lot writing this. #reallife 😘

June 7, 2017

On the level

As I'm sitting here in the Arby's drive threw, trying to relax and Mac DeMarco comes on the radio (I listen to the radio allll the time, WXPN FOR LIFE!) and I'm straight chilling now. I'm 'On The Level' 😜✌🏽❤️
Even if it was just for a minute or 3 😉
But I love how music can just take you somewhere else, mentally. And I need to be somewhere else right now. My life is in chaos. It's after 10 pm Wednesday night and we are just getting done. 
My whole house all fits in the downstairs part of my new house. Hahahah. 

The kids could care less. As long as they have their movies and video games, they're fine. 


But seriously, I'm so stressed out. 
I heard saying the word 'stress' makes you more stressed out actually. So maybe I'm just overwhelmed. There, that sounds much more manageable. 
But yea, there is no internet at the new house. I'm being blocked or something, it's probably the Russians. Lol 😆 
Yea, that's why I'm sitting at Arby's listening to the radio. 
Alright gotta head back to the house and keep unpacking. 

Pray for me, y'all 

June 3, 2017

Day tripping

So yesterday with all the chaos that comes from buying a home, I drove to Manhattan in the middle of it all 😑
Why?! You ask. 
Because my ex-husband still works and lives up there and my middle son, Dylan misses the city like no other child. So dad and son are having a little vacay together. 
Logan, the oldest, didn't want to go. He said he doesn't like the city anymore. "It's loud and when I'm trying to sleep at night there are always people making noise!" That's what Logan says 😂🤣🤣
So him, Remy, and I just strolled around Manhattan for a little before we packed it up and drove home. 
Logan loves to read so he wanted to stop at The Strand bookstore and let me tell you, it's AWESOME!! We could of looked at stuff in there for hours. 

Logan and I thought theses were super funny! Tiny hands 🖐🏼 



The trip was fun but the day was loooooong. We didn't get home till after midnight and now I need to start moving stuff into the new house. 
But sometimes it's nice to take a little break. 


May 31, 2017

Crazy daze

So this week has been super crazy, just like all the weeks before.  Buying this house has been super stressful, like buying any house. This house is historic so I have to follow certain rules if I want to update things. Blah blah blah. Home owners insurance, a home warranty because the house was built in 1890, and transferring all the bills. All while packing up the house and dealing with the kids. Matt has been working at the Post Office for 12hours+ everyday, poor guy. So he's not around to help much. Plus the boys are almost done with school. Thank goodness! Because I'm sick of waking up early in the morning and dealing with their cranky butts. 
And Remy has been teething like crazy and not wanting to sleep so that's been awesome 😑 
I just need to get through this weekend. Once we are moved into the house everything will get better, right?!? 
It has to! 
Because I don't think it can get any crazier 😬 
If you don't hear from me in a few days, send help. Lol 


May 21, 2017

World's kinda-worst Mom

I'm sitting here while I should be folding laundry but I'm too damn annoyed to do it. 
My kids are spoiled. 
There I said it. But the thing is, it's my fault. 
I give them everything they ask for, within reason, and they act like total jerks to me. And to each other!!
I got one kid asking me to order pizza EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. I'm not even kidding when I say this. It's the most annoying thing ever. 
Why? You ask!?
Because you can't feed your 8 year old pizza every night. 
1. You will go broke. 
2. It's seriously just not normal to eat pizza every single day. 
Conform. Try something new. 
Bread, sauce, and cheese and not the only ingredients in the world. Yes, they are amazing. And I do LOVE pizza but seriously. 

And then I have another kid that thinks the word 'no' is just an option. 
Case in point- 
Dylan- can I go to my friends house on a school night?!
Me- no, it's a school night. 
Dylan- (scoots away on this scooter 🏍) 
Me- 😑 (takes scooter away and makes him to go his room) 

Now they are both sitting in the living room in complete silence until bedtime. 
Well every once in a while one of them tells me "you used to be nice". HA. 
Yea, I used to be nice when you used to listen to me! Or "this is the worst night ever". 
Now I'm not expecting them to complete angels but come on. I have to tell them something 4 times before they listen. 
My mom used to make me sit at the dinner table all night if I didn't finish my dinner. Thank goodness my Grandparents raised me so I didn't have to do that too often. HA. 

Sorry for the rant. Sometimes it just feels good to get it out. And please let me know I'm not the only one with bad children. 


May 15, 2017

Coover Street

Last year at this exact time, we moved into the house we thought we would live in forever. Well that didn't happen but that's fine. Everything happens for a reason.
So now we did find my dream house and we are officially moving!! Yaaay!!! 
I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure.
But its for SUUUURREEE!!
Sooo crazy! 


We actually move in this weekend. 
And they tried to tell us that this key was to lock the doors. 
So clearly I will be going to the hardware store to be making some updates. Hahahahha. 
The house was built in 1890 so some things are a little dated, understandably. 
But knowing me and my kids I'll probably put up a while security system with cameras and whatnot. 
I know what I did when I was a teenager and my kids will NOT be acting like that. Hahahahahaha. 
But seriously, I'm so excited! 

The floors are approved by Remy, so he can crawl all over the place! 
The fireplace on the other hand definitely needs to be updated. 
I'm so glad to be able to update and renovate a house again! 
Stay tuned for fix-ups and fuck-ups because you know it's gonna happen! Hahahaha


May 7, 2017

Indigo Slings

So for the past few weeks I have been in between jobs. And needless to say I have been going crazy at home. I never take off work. I went back to work 5 days after having Remy.
So to occupy my time I started making Indigo dyes.
Indigo dyes?! You ask yourself. It's like tie-dye but there is an oxidation process blah blah blah. 
They look like this. 

This is a baby sling I made. I have been doing custom orders for baby slings and pretty much anything else you could think of. Curtains, pillowcases, shirts, baby onesies, and dish towels. 
Shirts for the boys. HA. 


This is also a custom dye baby sling that I sold to a mom. 
So in my "free" time I kinda made a little business for myself and I couldn't do it without the love and support from my family and the awesome mamas in the WildBird Facebook group. Without them I would just be a weirdo dying pillowcases in my kids play room. 
So if anyone wants to buy an awesome handmade sling, made by moms in Utah check out Wildbird. The mama that owns the company is amazing and I've had nothing but great experience with them! 
And if you would like anything dyed just shoot me an email on here! 
It's be getting the Etsy store up and running after we move. 
That's right folks! We are moving, again, but I'll tell you all about it later. 

April 28, 2017

Fun time at the Library!

So there are soooo many things going on right now, I will post about that soon, but I took some time out and went to the library with Remy. I met my friend and her son there, they go all the time but this was my first. 
It was fun to hang out with my friend and other moms. She also did some pics for me 😂🤣😜
She told me I take the same boring pictures. So this is me waiving to a complete stranger on the street. Hahahaha. Heyyyyyy 👋🏼
It's always fun to have friends to tell you when you look stupid, or not 😒 hahahahahaha. 


April 26, 2017

Smithsonian Trip

Last weekend the whole family went down to Washington DC and went to the Smithsonian!!
It was so much fun!
My Dad planned it all and by 'planning' I mean, he did absolutely no planning and didn't even know what the weather was going to be like that day. But still he tried so I have to give him some credit. HA.
So we met him down there, he drove down with the big kids. Matt, baby Remy and I drove separately. And come to find out, PARKING IS FREE ON SUNDAYS!!
So if you plan on visiting the Smithsonian sometime this summer, go on a Sunday!
All the museums are free to get in. They do a quick bag check and you're good to go!
We started at the Air and Space Museum.
The boys loved it!

There is a sculpture exhibit outside that was pretty cool!


Then we went to the National Museum of Natural History. Outside the building is a bird sanctuary, there is a bird nest in the dinosaur mouth.


Most of the museums are right around the Mall so you don't need to walk too far. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes AND socks! 

Dylan had a problem with his socks and then didn't want to walk anywhere. lol I bribed him with a milkshake from Shake Shack. It kinda worked, until he spilt it all over the floor of my car on the way home 😑 
This is how I cleaned it...... 

 Hahahahahaha. Juuuust kidding. That was down at one of the museums. 
But it was a super fun time. If you live close enough to take a day trip you should totally do it! 
Your kids will love it! And I'm so glad I brought my WildBird baby sling to carry Remy around in. No need for a stroller! 



January 24, 2017

The Woman's March

This past Saturday I took part in the Woman March. There were a few reasons why I decided to go.
For the past few weeks I have been feeling a little anxious, I think a few of us were. Anxiety for what is going to come, or what has already come since it's already Tuesday.
So the inauguration happened. People were pissed and protested. Some smoked weed in protest and some broke stuff. So Friday was a little stressful but it happened. It's done. So I've moved on.
Now Saturday rolls around. I worked Friday night, I'm a server, so I really didn't want to get up and get the kids ready to be outside all day.  But I knew I needed to go. I knew that if i didn't go I would be disappointed in myself.
So I get the kids and myself dressed. My oldest, Logan refused to go 'I don't March. I hate marching'. He said. He's never been to a march or a demonstration or any sort but that was his right. So I dropped him off with my mom.
So we went to Harrisburg. My hometown, where I was born and the capitol of my home state, good old Pennsylvania. When we got to the capitol there were only a few women there. Mostly older, some with canes and walkers.

They obviously couldn't March the blocks leading up to the capitol. So I stood  and talked with them for awhile. They applauded me for bringing my kids. I really didn't think about it earlier, I just needed to bring them with. Mostly because Remy is still nursing.
But as a mother I'm glad my children are experiencing history.

So then all of a sudden I hear voices in the distance "EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK"!! "LOVE TRUMPS HATE"!!

And I start to get really happy! Like all the anxiety that I had was starting to disappear as I see the mass of women coming toward me.

It's like it all clicked. I was in the right place at the right time for me, personally. This is exactly where I needed to be. I needed to be with these other people, women, men, young, old, kids with there parents and grandparents. People of every color and religion all together for one reason. Women's rights.
Women's right to choose what to do with their bodies and not have a man tell us otherwise. For the same amount of pay for the same amount of work. You know, things that sound normal if you're a man.
Well Sunday came around and I was still feeling the buzz of the day before. Hearing about all the other women marching all over the world. It was such a great feeling. And then Monday came and say la vie. It's like Saturday didn't even happen. But it did. And I remember how it felt to be there and I'm ready for the next march. Because that's all Mr. Trump has really done is brought us closer together. 

Ps I just want to add that I wrote this whole thing while breastfeeding my baby, girl power ✌🏽❤️

Xoxo xox