May 15, 2017

Coover Street

Last year at this exact time, we moved into the house we thought we would live in forever. Well that didn't happen but that's fine. Everything happens for a reason.
So now we did find my dream house and we are officially moving!! Yaaay!!! 
I didn't want to say anything until I knew for sure.
But its for SUUUURREEE!!
Sooo crazy! 


We actually move in this weekend. 
And they tried to tell us that this key was to lock the doors. 
So clearly I will be going to the hardware store to be making some updates. Hahahahha. 
The house was built in 1890 so some things are a little dated, understandably. 
But knowing me and my kids I'll probably put up a while security system with cameras and whatnot. 
I know what I did when I was a teenager and my kids will NOT be acting like that. Hahahahahaha. 
But seriously, I'm so excited! 

The floors are approved by Remy, so he can crawl all over the place! 
The fireplace on the other hand definitely needs to be updated. 
I'm so glad to be able to update and renovate a house again! 
Stay tuned for fix-ups and fuck-ups because you know it's gonna happen! Hahahaha


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