July 11, 2016

Dylan's 6th Birthday

I can't believe it! My little baby is 6!! Ahhhh!! Stop growing, seriously! 
He's smart, sometimes too smart for his own good. Not to mention, he's hilarious.  He's great at climbing things, future mountain climber maybe?! He likes his hair "spiky like a mohawk". He's curious and loves building Legos. I'm so glad I get to spend everyday being this kids mom 😍😍
Today I told him we could go tubing in the creek. So that's what we did. It was a little bit of a mess at first but then we got it! 

Yes. That is Dylan sitting in his tube on top of Matts inflatable swan. Lol. 

 Logan said it was the "best day ever" and he just wanted to sunbathe. Hahahaha. 

Then Dylan finally flopped on his belly and floating the rest of the way. 
Luckily we went on a super short float. I don't think they could of handled anything longer than 40 mins. HA. 

The day has been so much fun. Sometimes I need to take a whole day off work and just relax. I've watch every Indian Jones movie ever made, not by choice, but still! It's been awesome! 

Now to enjoy this amazing cake! 

Clearly Dylan can't wait, he's getting the plates ready!