September 23, 2013

Bernatos Wedding

Well it was another craaaaazzyy wedding weekend! My cousin Tony got married this weekend and it was out of control crazy awesome!!! Hahaha. Tony is only 2 months older than me so he is like my big brother. Our moms would dress up alike for pictures growing up :) 
I am so happy that he found someone to share his life with. And I'm even happier that she's super fun and totally beautiful, you're a lucky guy Tony ;)

They are so cute!!! I love it! 
The wedding was held at the Valley Forge Military Academy, so it was filled with these adorable guys... 

Hahahhaa. It was so much fun!! And what is better than celebrating with your family.... Oh I know, open bar and a photobooth! Boom! 

It was pretty amazing and her friends are soooo much fun!!! 
The night was epic, especially when the night ends with the bride riding a mechanical bull.....

But I was quickly reminded, the next morning, why I don't party like that all the time, my body can't handle it ;)

Congrats again Tony and Jess! You guys are a beautiful couple and I'm glad I could celebrate your special day with you. And Jess, I welcoming you to our family, I hope you can handle our craziness ;) 


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September 13, 2013

HGTV filming

What a craaaaazzyy week it has been!! The HGTV crew came into the house Monday and completely exploded. They had a buffet in the kitchen.

An office in my dining room.

And the crew is so sweet, I just wanted to hang out with them all night :)

HGTV was sweet enough to get us a hotel room Monday night. It was a little strange staying at a hotel a mile from your house, but the kids loved it. 

Then I spent the week in Philly hanging out with friends and it was amazing!! I took Logan to Pizza Brain in Fishtown, it's really cool pizza place that's also a pizza museum. It's super cute and Logan loved all the toys. 

There were even toys in the floor! 

Oh and the pizza was suuuuper delicious :) 
So the filming it almost over and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited to have my house and shower back. Hahaha. 
Not to mention my new bedroom!!! Sooo excited!!! 
If you didn't see the picture before here is a sneak peek. 

The show will air sometime in November or December. I will tell everyone when it's on, don't worry ;)

Happy Friday everyone!


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September 2, 2013

Tearing Up the Floors

So I've been wanting to redo the floors in the house since we've moved in, it was a lot harder than I thought though. The people who lived in the house before us had carpet over the hardwood and I think carpet is kinda gross, especially if you have a cat that peed everywhere, like the people before us... 
So we ripped up the carpet the night we moved in, no joke, and started ripped up staples off the floor. Since there was carpet there were rows of staples in the floor and you have to take them out one by one. There is no easier way, I googled, YouTubed and asked everyone I saw at Home Depot. 

These were my tools for the job...
A tinie tiny screw driver
And this awesome staple remover 
I also had a mason jar to put all the staples in. 

It took a couple bloody knuckles to get a good flow going ;)

But eventually the whole room was done. And now it was ready to sand... 

So after watching some videos about sanding the floor I thought I was ready to give it a go. We rented a drum sander from Home Depot. You go over the floors with a 80 grit sandpaper and then again with a 20 grit. Then I took a palm sander and did the same thing around the edge and then it was done. 

And then I stained it. 

I just took a little towel and started in one corner and just went back and forth rubbing the stain in. It's kinda like a big coloring book, your trying to stay in the lines and have an even color. 
Then I put the polyurethane on, this was the easiest part but you have to let it dry, like, forever. Seriously. It says you should let it dry for 3 days and not to put furniture on it for a week. Well, I put the polyurethane on Friday morning and HGTV is filming in the room now, oops. 

And on that note, HGTV is filming at my house now!! And it is absolute craziness! 
I don't think I actually knew what would go into filming a show in your house..... It's a HUGE thing! My neighbors probably hate me or think I'm crazy, with the line of cars in front of my house and a camera in my front yard. 
This was my son living up his dream of a camera man ;) 

And today was his first day of kindergarten. So it's been wild around here to say the least. 
Tomorrow we get to see the room they are decorating and I am suuuuper excited!!!! 


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Johnson Wedding

This weekend my brother-in-law got married to his long-time college sweetheart and it was beautiful. They got married in a old barn in the country. The barn smelled over 100 years old and there were gorgeous chandeliers hanging  from the rafters. If you searched 'Rustic Barn Wedding' on Pinterest, everything at this wedding would pop up, it was perfect. There were games outside for the kids and a special table inside with candy, games and coloring books to keep the kids busy. 

First steps as Mr. and Mrs......

The barn...

Table setting....

Adorable bridesmaids...

My little ring barriers.... 

Crazy cake monster....

Some great dance moves....

Ending with a late-night Wendy's picnic at the hotel :)

It was a adorable wedding and everyone had a great time. Congrats again Dustin and Tara!!!

Now I'm back to working on the house. I just got finished staining the floors, I'm totally exhausted and my hands hurt but the floors look great! I will post pics later this week and HGTV starts filming on Monday!! Totally crazy!! 

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend :)


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