August 3, 2017

WXPN Festival

Last Saturday we went to Philadelphia to go to the WXPN Festival.
I actually got 2 free 'go-everywhere' passes from being a member of the radio station. I listen to WXPN (99.7 here in Central PA) everyday, its the only radio station i listen to in my car. Its a local radio station out of Philadelphia, it features a ton of local artists so I LOVE it! So donating and being a member just makes sense.
So the festival was actually in Camden NJ, so we parked in my old neighborhood in Philly and took the ferry over. In all the years I lived in Philly I never took the ferry. It was soooo much fun!
When I first stepped on the ferry I felt like I was walking on a trampoline, I defiantly didn't have my sea legs. Hahahaha. I seriously had my head out the widow the whole way across the river, I felt like a little kid.
Once we got to the festival it was like a kid in a candy store, there were multiple stages so you could walk all around the waterfront. There were vendors, Dogfish Head Brewery was there, Subaru was there donating books to the schools in Camden. They even had the Children's Garden open but we got there a little too late (I wanted to go shopping at Anthropologie, don't judge me).
But they had free water and ice tea from Turkey Hill and a separate chill space just for members, so it was perfect for us and the kids. The boys had a blast, they ran around the grass and wrestled each other. its kinds nice going to concert with kids now, before you would have to fight everyone around you to get some space but with kids people move away from you. hahahahaha it's kinda perfect. Like a child barrier, I guess no one whats to be around a couple of rowdy kids.

But seriously, it was the most perfect day. Matt (my fiancĂ©) doesn't get off work often so it was really nice for us all to spend time together. We also hit up the Nordstrom sale on the way into the city, is was AMAZING, seriously, check it out online!

Im sorry for not post more but this summer has been absolutely crazy. I'm counting down the days until the kids are back in school, seriously.