September 23, 2013

Bernatos Wedding

Well it was another craaaaazzyy wedding weekend! My cousin Tony got married this weekend and it was out of control crazy awesome!!! Hahaha. Tony is only 2 months older than me so he is like my big brother. Our moms would dress up alike for pictures growing up :) 
I am so happy that he found someone to share his life with. And I'm even happier that she's super fun and totally beautiful, you're a lucky guy Tony ;)

They are so cute!!! I love it! 
The wedding was held at the Valley Forge Military Academy, so it was filled with these adorable guys... 

Hahahhaa. It was so much fun!! And what is better than celebrating with your family.... Oh I know, open bar and a photobooth! Boom! 

It was pretty amazing and her friends are soooo much fun!!! 
The night was epic, especially when the night ends with the bride riding a mechanical bull.....

But I was quickly reminded, the next morning, why I don't party like that all the time, my body can't handle it ;)

Congrats again Tony and Jess! You guys are a beautiful couple and I'm glad I could celebrate your special day with you. And Jess, I welcoming you to our family, I hope you can handle our craziness ;) 


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