September 13, 2013

HGTV filming

What a craaaaazzyy week it has been!! The HGTV crew came into the house Monday and completely exploded. They had a buffet in the kitchen.

An office in my dining room.

And the crew is so sweet, I just wanted to hang out with them all night :)

HGTV was sweet enough to get us a hotel room Monday night. It was a little strange staying at a hotel a mile from your house, but the kids loved it. 

Then I spent the week in Philly hanging out with friends and it was amazing!! I took Logan to Pizza Brain in Fishtown, it's really cool pizza place that's also a pizza museum. It's super cute and Logan loved all the toys. 

There were even toys in the floor! 

Oh and the pizza was suuuuper delicious :) 
So the filming it almost over and I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited to have my house and shower back. Hahaha. 
Not to mention my new bedroom!!! Sooo excited!!! 
If you didn't see the picture before here is a sneak peek. 

The show will air sometime in November or December. I will tell everyone when it's on, don't worry ;)

Happy Friday everyone!


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