March 3, 2013

Sunshine Daydream

The start of this blog and me painting this piano coincided. I've wanted to start a blog for some time but kept putting it off. Always thinking I was 'too busy'.
But who isn't 'too busy' with life?!
Suddenly a very good friend of mind passed away. It was very hard for me. Even though we haven't talked for awhile. We were friends since I was 16. That seems like forever ago now but when I look at pictures it feels like just yesterday.

It made me really realize that I need to stop putting things off. So I put the fire under my ass and started. On both the blog and the piano. I thought this piano would be my first post but it sat here for a little while till I could finish it...

The piano was here when we moved in. Left by the previous owners.
It's out of tune and one key is actually broken.
It's also extremely heavy. I pushed it from one side of the house to the other and that was hard. So there is no way I am pushing it down our long driveway.
Plus I love painted pianos!

It's actually the best thing in the house sometimes.
When people are over they will play it.
And the kids can play with it all they want and they are not going to break it :)

I searched 'painted pianos' for months now. I knew I was going to paint it yellow. Yellow or pink.
I already painted the inside of the cabinet pink and I painted the trim on the walls blue.

So I thought yellow would be good for the piano.

I picked Goldfish for the color.

So I totally got ahead of myself and just started painting. I have no patience sometimes. I should have sanded it. Or at least primed it white.
But no.
I had to be difficult.
So this is almost 4 (yes, 4) coats. Of paint with primer in it.

I am so close....

It didn't help that the piano was super dark brown and I was trying to paint it yellow.
So after I ran out of paint and went and got more.

I finally finished it!!
I can't stop looking at it.

It brings so much happiness and light into the room now.

I'm so glad I finally did it.
Please ignore the messed up floors. We ripped up the carpet when we moved in and this is what they looked like. Gross.
We are planning on sanding and staining them this spring!

So if you have an old piano you hate. Don't throw it out. Paint it!!!
And remember you are never too busy.
Pick up the phone and call a old friend or relative you don't talk to much.
Because if we don't have our friends and family, then what do we have?!

RIP TCR, I will never forget the times we spent together. Thanks for all the memories :)


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