March 18, 2013

Magic mirror on the wall

Its a lot easier to update your bathroom than you might think. As long as your have enough tile to do it all. Unlike me who had to get more twice. Ugh. Bad planning on my part. But it is super easy to put tile up.
You can do it in a weekend if you plan right.
The bathrooms in this house are pretty small. I guess in the 40's they didn't need a lot of space.
So adding tile up the walls gives the illusion the room is bigger.
And if the kids draw on the walls with my makeup it's easy to wipe off.

I eventually want to put up this wallpaper. I'm totally in love with it!

It's by House of Hackney
I think it should be called 'Party Animal'.

To get started I had to chip the tile off in order to have the new tile line up perfectly.

Then I drilled a board into the wall to insure my line was completely straight.

I tiled up the wall to 50".
Finished the bottom and then grouted.
You need to wait 24 hours after putting the tile up to grout it.

I continued around the room.
Going around the radiator.
I had to move the sink. Please remember to turn the water off! Same goes for the toilet if have to move it.
Kept tiling and grouting until you're done!

The bathroom look like this when we moved in.

Till one morning while I was taking a bath I looked up and noticed mold on the celing.
That led to me getting mold removal experts to test everything.
We had mold.
Our master bath was leaking causing mold in the kitchen downstairs. And our 3rd floor bathroom toilet was broken and that caused mold in the bathroom underneath.
Everything in our house was original. Toilets, sinks, fixtures, everything.
Our roof was even leaking.
It was a mess!
They removed the bathrooms and the mold. And we hired contractors to put them back together quick.
Well what we thought would be quick. We had both showers demoed and only had a mini tub to bathe in on the 3rd floor. Did I mention it was June and super hot on the 3rd floor. Not comfortable. So we ended up 'showering' in the backyard. With a hose.
Our neighbors probably thought we were crazy!
So they put the bathrooms back together. It only took 3 months!
It was a super simple design I came up with.

All white.
I thought I could keep it clean and switch out any paint or wallpaper I wanted.
Well it was a little to boring for me. So I decided to add the tile.
It's a work in progress. I hope you like it :)



  1. I LOVE THIS!!! What an amazing difference! :)

  2. That's cool, you did the tiling all by yourselves! And it's a good thing you took care of that mold growth immediately. That's the thing with old houses, more often than not you need to replace or completely renovate an area to fix and prevent problems like these. The new bathrooms look great, by the way!

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