March 12, 2013

Welcome, Easter Bunny

Time for more DIY decorations!! Yay!
I want to make stuff that I can use every year. And I wanted to make a banner for Easter. Or as Logan says, 'a sign for the Easter bunny'. Hahaha.
They are selling one at Pottery Barn. So I just looked at those measurement and did my own. After making this banner I want to make one for the boys birthdays. It was so easy!

I bought 3 different types of materials. 2 for the pennant and one for the letters.

I cut out a pattern from a piece of paper. And cut out 11 pieces of the burlap.
H A P P Y E A S T E R- 11.
Another 11 of the brown just a little smaller than the burlap.

Then I cut out the letters.

Then I hot glued everything together!
I put a brown piece on top of a burlap piece.

Put hot glue along the top and fold over the twine. Just pull the twine threw the pennant if it gets glued in.

I used twine but you could use string or ribbon.

Then glue the letters on.
I found it easier to set the letter on the pennant where you want it. Then put glue on the bottom of the letter and put into place. Put glue on the rest of the letter.

I really like it. It's not perfect and kinda rustic. And it is huge. It's over 100" long!

I definitely think the Easter bunny will be satified :)
My kids are also at ages that they really like holidays. So I'm excited to give them their Easter baskets and to do an Easter egg hunt in our back yard.
I already did some shopping. I got them these retro toys for their basket.

I remember both of these toys fondly. I actually remember playing with the clock at church every Sunday.

I hope the kids enjoy them as much as I did.


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