March 20, 2013


My bird wallpaper I ordered from Anthropologie came... A while ago actually. I couldn't wait to put it up but almost a month later it was still in the box. And a month after I put the wallpaper up I still haven't posted the pics. I am a true slacker sometimes.
This is what the foyer looked like when we bought the house.

And this is what it looks like now!

I first took down the wood that was covering the original glass windows. Total 'Rehab Addict' style, 'why would they cover that up!?'. It made a huge difference just opening that up. Then I primed the walls and painted the molding. I really wanted to paint the trim black, like the bathroom, but Tyler said no. Party pooper. But he did come up with painting the vent cover a different color. I was down with that. He wanted to do it green. Ummm maybe not all green, so we settled for a green nob.

Then we go to install the new light fixture I bought and the wires are old and cloth covered.
I swear this house is the worst sometimes. Ugh.
My electricians :)

Sometimes I wish we would of bought a newly built house. Maybe a condo in Brooklyn. I could just pick up the phone and have someone fix everything for me. I wouldn't even need to take my trash out or cut the grass and collect leaves. Life would be easy.

I'm just glad it's done. Every time I used the front door I was like, ewww gross!
Now I smile and want to hug the wall!! I love it.
I can't forget my bird door knocker, I am the crazy bird lady ;)

I hope you like the before and after :)


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