February 28, 2013

She Lives in an Airport

After painting the piano I decided the windows needed some curtains.

So I decided I would make them.

I really wanted to do them in this fabric.

But it was waayyyyy too expensive right now.

So I went to Ikea. And if you have never been to Ikea, it's like an airport. It is HUGE!
I love Ikea. Everything is super cheap and you can usually fit everything in your car. I have a Jetta and we fit a couch in there!
Ikea has everything. Seriously. And they have it all set up in showrooms. It's super fun just to walk around and look at all the rooms.



And super cheap curtain rods. Yes that says 99cents.
I was going to make rods too but they were so cheap at Ikea I couldn't pass it up.
So I bought 4 brackets and 2 rods.

I bought enough fabric for the windows. Ikea had tons of really fun fabric for not a lot of money.
Like, $2.99- $5.99 a yard and you can cut it yourself too.

I bought this craziness.

I don't have a sewing machine so I bought some adhesive strips.

You just iron them into the fabric and it sticks together.
So I stuck it all along the length of the curtains and ironed it on.

Then fold if over at the top. About 6".
Make sure you leave room for the curtain rod.

Boom!! No sew curtains!!
Super easy. So you can make new ones as often as you want.

On another note. I dropped my phone in a pot of boiling water while trying to take a picture.
Epic fail.
So today I had to go all over the place trying to get a phone back. They wouldn't sell me a phone without my drivers license. Well I lost that a couple of months ago and never got a new one. So today was the day I would finally go to the DMV and get a New Jersey drivers license.
I didn't wake up this morning thinking I was going to get my picture taken for my license, that I'm going to have to use everywhere. I looked a hot mess. And so does my license.

I hope you all are having a better day than me.


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