February 25, 2013

Monday I'm in love

I know all of you with 'real' jobs probably hate Mondays but I LOVE them!!! My husband (Tyler) is back at work and my oldest son (Logan) is at school. And I'm with my youngest son Dylan all day.
It's amazing!
Don't get me wrong I love my family-most the time- but it's a madhouse here on the weekend.
The kids want cookies and cakes.
They are switching movies every 30 mins. And who knows where Tyler is! He's hiding in the basement playing the guitar or outside doing "yard work".
So Monday morning I'm pumped. I'm ready to get out and do stuff!
Especially when I have something planned.
Today I went to the craft store to get everything to make these sparkly beauties!!!

I know!! You all are thinking 'Easter? Already?!' Yea, well I thought they were adorable and I wanted to make them. So there. Ha!
I have big things to do next week. Like finish tiling the upstairs bathroom.
So something little this week will be nice :)

I'm super excited to make these! I saw them in the Pottery Barn catalogue but I was not paying $20 for 3. That's crazy stupid! I can make 6 for half of that!

Tomorrow I will post the steps.
This is one I did already.

It is so sparkly! I love it!

When I went to Michael's Craft Store today they had these Martha Stewart glitter for $1.50!! Amazing!! I loved the tinsel

We will see how the rest turn out.
Check back later!


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