November 22, 2013

Dining Room

Since the episode of 'The High Low Project' that I'm going to be on will air soon (November 30th!!!) I figure I would finish posting the renovations I've done to the house.
That and I'm kinda running out of projects to do, if anyone needs help, with ANYTHING, let me know! 
The dining room was one of my first projects to start in the house. I figured that room needed the least amount of work done to it. I just painted the trim and sanded and stained the floors. 

The trim was a awful color it kinda reminded me of Creme Brûlée that has some mold on it :-/

So I found this amazing inspiration photo and decided to go to work! 

It took me about 2 weeks with all the taping and not to mention having two insane little boys running around..... 

I also painted the inside of my china cabinet pink. I mean PINK! I went to the hardware store with a Barbie pink in mind. Like, if they had a paint color there named Barbie, I probably would of bought it. 

Then came along the painted yellow piano and the D.I.Y curtains 
Throw in my heirloom quilt as a table cloth and you got my dining room :) 

Too bad it's never used. Now it's more used as a place to put my luggage and clothing ;) 

Ugh I'm so disorganized. Hahaha. You should see my actual closet, it's a mess. 
Have a good weekend :)


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  1. her closet is a mess ive seen it :)

  2. we should make use of your dining room and have a dinner party!!