November 26, 2013


I think this is the most used room in the whole house. I cook and bake in here, it's also where most my dance parties happen! It's the heart of the house. 
It was also the first room that was renovated so I don't know why I never posted it before. Maybe because it's not exactly 'finished' in my eyes. I've been looking for the perfect vintage wall cabinet. I haven't found it yet and I don't want to buy one from IKEA, yet. But this is the kitchen now. 

When the house was bought I wanted to replace the backsplash. So I took down the old one and this is what I found. 

Omg gross!!! And yes, that is black mold. It was awful. We got it professionally removed and started building the kitchen back. 

New insulation new mold resistant drywall. Everything. Then I went to Ikea and got cabinets and put them together myself. I saved a lot of money putting them together myself verses buying cabinets that were already put together. And all the boxes fit in my little car :) 

I also got this great farmhouse sink and wooden chopping block countertop at IKEA too. 

I put up small subway tile as the backsplash..... This is what it looks like to live in a construction zone. HA. 

Then the other side needed to be finished off.....

Hahahahaha. This is DIY home renovation at its finest. But hey, it worked ;)
I still have to get that cabinet but other than that it's finished! I even put in the dishwasher :)

The microwave was also taken down off the wall and I put these shelves  up. 

This kitchen definitely took some blood, sweat and tears. But I think it came out alright. 
Now I'm going to get it dirty and bake some delicious desserts for Thanksgiving, yum! 

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