November 13, 2013

Adventure Time

The only good thing about the kids being home from school is that you can do fun things during the week. We went to a park in Hoboken on Monday. This park in on a man-made island between New Jersey and Manhattan, it's awesome! I felt like Peter Pan and the lost boys playing in Neverland!

I climbed to the top of the slide because I had to get these pictures.... 

Best views of Manhattan :)

Then we walked across the street from the park to a restaurant, Little Town, it was so good! The kids got corndogs and cheeseburgers and I got everything bagel breaded chicken fingers, you got me at everything bagel, super delicious. The kids wanted to get shots of milk but I had to say no ;)

While we waited for the food (the worst part about taking kids to a restaurant) we played Skee-Ball!! 

Then on Tuesday Dylan and I went to Brooklyn :) everytime I'm in Brooklyn I have to go to my favorite pizza place in my old neighborhood, Carmine's. 

It is the most perfect pizza ever....

I definitely ate 3 slices before getting back to New Jersey.... Oops :-/
While we waited for the pizza Dylan got to ride the pink pony..

I miss living in Brooklyn sometimes but it's nice to still be close. 

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