November 11, 2013

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was my birthday, Friday to be exact and I spent it in Philly with some of my favorite people. On my birthday night one of my best friends, Anthony, and I got dinner at The Continental restaurant. I woke up wanting lobster mac and cheese so I was determined to get it. Haha. 
Anthony and I have known each other since we were about 8 or 9. He lived down the street from me growing up annnnd our birthdays were 4 days apart. We were destined to be friends for life ;)
And almost 20 years ago we had a birthday party together. I'm pretty sure it was a Barbie birthday too. Looking back, I feel kinda bad. HA. 
But almost 20 years later our birthday is a lot different, now we can drink ;)

I mean, who else is gonna take selfies with you outside the bathroom?! Your best friend! That's who!

Gooooooood times :) 

Then Monday morning rolls around and I wake up to Dylan telling me he peed in the bed, that I was sleeping in with him. So I torn off the sheets threw them in the washer and got Logan off for school. Only to get a phone call less than an hour later to come pick him up, he had a mild fever. He has been home from school for the past two day :-/
So reality set in really quick after the birthday weekend. 


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