May 1, 2013

In The City

This week has been fantastic and we are only half way through! Woo! I have been out for lunch with friends twice this week. And for a mom/girl who never gets to do anything, twice is super exciting! Have two kids and living away from family makes it difficult to have a social life :(
First I met my longtime friend, Anthony. He is moving out of Brooklyn, so I bought him some farewell pizza from my favorite place, Carmine's. It was a perfect day to hang out in Brooklyn.

We stopped and had a beer at 2 in the afternoon because we had nothing better to do. It's fun to be an adult sometime :)

The next day I had lunch with another friend of mine and her adorable baby. Every time I'm around a baby I want one. Ugh. We went for a great walk along the Hudson River. Then she took me to a restaurant I've never been to before called Bubby's. It was farm fresh and delicious. Dylan thought he was on a farm. It was great!

Dylan thought every boat was a pirate ship.

He also wanted to ride this cow. Hahahaha.

I love just walking around taking pictures of things. The art is always changing. The city is like one big living art museum.

Think about being able to climb this wall. That would be crazy!

The mind wanders......


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