May 8, 2013

DIY Water Barrel

I decided to start collecting rain water so I could use the water for my garden. Last year we planted a lot of new plants in our yard and I used a lot of water. So this year I figured I could collect the rain water and use that. 
So I started looking into different types of rain barrels. You can buy a plastic one from the hardwear store but they are kinda expensive and they look well, plastic! Hahaha. 
So I checked Craigslist and found an oak barrel for $75. Perfect! 
So I picked that up. I also got a shut off nozzle from Home Depot. 

First I drilled a hole in the side of the barrel using a 1/2 drill spade. Then you put the nozzle in the hole and seal it. I used silicon cauck. You HAVE to seal it. Otherwise water will drip out and it will turn to mold and that's disgusting. 

Also cut a hole in the top of the barrel for the water to run into. 
This was difficult because the barrel was so thick. I suggest drilling holes all the way along the square then used a Dremel saw to cut through the holes.... This was after several other attempts to cut it, that's why it looks kinda rough. 

I should probably put some mesh netting or something so big sticks and stuff don't get in the barrel. But otherwise it's done! 

And I should of put the tap lower so more water could drain out. But my thinking was, that you couldn't fill up the watering can if its too low. But in that case you would just put the barrel up higher on bricks or something. 

I think it looks good and it kinda blends in. It definitely makes the house look rustic ;)
Happy Wednesday everyone :)


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