May 27, 2013

Guest Room

I haven't been planning on doing anything to the guest room but I went to a estate sale and that changed everything. I was driving back from the store on Friday and I saw there was an estate sale right down the street. I obviously had to go! You never know what you can get at the estate sales around here. I live around a lot of very old, very large houses.


This house is actually for sale. Who wants to be my neighbor?!? 

So I go into the sale and I go directly down into the basement, all the good stuff is down there. And there it is, the Pottery Barn desk I've been wanting for a year!!! And it was only $150!!
Totally amazing. So I shoved it into my Jetta and drove home. It was like playing a game of Tetris to get the desk in my car, but luckily I was born in the 80's :)
So I came home and found some paint and got to work! The guest room was a bright blue color. 


I painted it a really light blue, it's so light it almost looks white. Then I put the desk in and rearranged the furniture. 


I think it is so relaxing. I totally see myself sitting in here and reading a book. 
Maybe I'll take a nap in here today. I'm going to a video premier tonight with one of my girlfriends, so I better rest up. 

Have a great Monday :)


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