April 29, 2013

Spring Breaking

I have been stuck lately. Easter was great! There was tons of delicious food and everybody was happy. But afterwards I just felt drained. I couldn't think of anything to do, my head was all foggy. Everything is great. Maybe even perfect and when things are perfect i get anxious. Like something bad is going to happen. Its an awful feeling. Like, what do i do next in life. I was at a Y in the road and I couldn't think of which direction to go in.
I hate that feeling. Ugh.
So it took a couple days to shake that feeling and get back to normal. So that's why I haven't written anything all week. Sorry.
Logan has also been on spring break all week, so I have been trying to entertain him and Dylan.
We started at the zoo! Yay!! I absolutely love the zoo. We live about a mile from the Turtle Back Zoo. So we bought a yearly pass and went a couple times this week. The kids had so much fun. They ran all over the place but they listened to me so well, I was quite impressed.

I can't forget our trip to the frozen yogurt store.

Then we traveled to our old stomping grounds. The city of brotherly love, Philadelphia! I lived there for about 6 years. It's where Tyler and I met and the kids were both born there. So it's a very special place to me. We went to some of our favorite parks and had pizza and played. We took the subway and the boys really liked that.
I couldn't go to Philly without stopping at The Reading Terminal Market . It is the most amazing food place in Philadelphia because you can get everything in one place. When the Logan was just a baby I would shop there every week. The food is delicious, fresh, local and cheaper than the grocery store.
We also walked to Old City and the kids ran all around the liberty bell and independence hall. It was a ton of fun.

There is so much good food.

I thought this was funny. Like, we tore down the actually house but this one was good enough so we saved it... Oh America :)

I LOVE these roses. I want them on my fence.

The tree roots looked like they were eating the bricks. Yum yum yum.

It was the most perfect day for a walk in the city.

I thought this old sign was so cool. The building was an old department store.

All and all it was a good spring break with the kids. I am definitely ready for Logan to be back in school next week. Even though it's a week of half days and a parent teacher conference. Logan is the sweetest kid in the world so I'm not really worried ;)

Have a great weekend!


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