April 25, 2013

Backyard fun

Finally it feels like spring. Nice and sunny and warm. And since it's supposed to be nice out all week, I figured I would fix up the backyard. The kid's needed an area to play, otherwise they just dig for dinosaur bones and play in the dirt. That's fine and dandy but that can only last for so long.
I found this awesome DIY kids tent from Cakies. So I decided to make that first. I had to go to Ikea for other things so I picked up some cool rainbow striped fabric. Then I went to Home Depot for the wood. I had them cut the pieces for me to save time. I also picked up a 3/4 spade bit because I couldn't find mine at the house.
So now I had everything to make it.
4-- 1” x 2” x 48” pine wood
1--3/4” x 48” dowel
3/4” spade bit
measuring tape
3 yards of fabric or an old twin bed sheet

Measure down 6 inches. And mark it with a pen or marker.

Drill hole into each piece.

Make X with 2 boards and put dowel through the holes.

Put the fabric over the dowel and make it even on both sides. I used almost exactly 3 yards of fabric. Then cut little slits near the ends to put the cloth through- 3 for each post.

I also made a chalkboard out of a piece of scrap wood. I was pretty much the exact size I wanted. So I took the piece of plywood and painted it with the chalkboard paint. I did 3 coats of it. Then I drilled it into the tree with really long wood screws. It's at the perfect height for the kids to draw and the chalk will be washed away in the rain.

We started making a little racetrack too. It's not the best but its a start. We had a huge stack of old bricks behind our garage so we used those. I say 'we' because the kids helped me, they carried all the bricks over from the garage.

But if you're too busy to make a tent you can buy them at Etsy too.

I think it's a pretty cool spot to play now.

I hope you like :)


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