July 15, 2013

Dylan's 3rd Birthday

Wow! What a weekend! I swear 10 months out of the year nobody comes to visit but for the months of June and July, we run a bed and breakfast. Hahaha. I'm not gonna lie, I totally love it :)
I have friends to talk with and they like my cooking! So what's not to love about it!?!
So it was Dylan's 3rd birthday. Yaaay!! I can't believe it. Kids grow too darn fast. And for this little monsters birthday I made a delicious Chocolate Peanutbutter cake. The recipe for it is here and here. I didn't  take pics of the steps, sorry. But here is the end result. 

Delicious :)

We also took the kids to the new 'Monsters University' movie. 

I thought the movie was super cute and I'm pretty sure the kids liked it too. 
A bunch of our friends were staying with us so we cooked some food on the grill and had a great time. 
There was also a music festival going on Saturday and Sunday called Maplewoodstock. They had art vendors and about 25 bands with their headliner being Joan Osbourn. Oh did I mention it was free?!!? And it was only 3 minutes away from my house. You should check it out next year. 

The kids got 'hot face' after about 10 minutes but it was a fun. So another great weekend! 
Annnnnnd I got some super exciting news!!!!!! Buuut you're gonna have to wait till tomorrow. That's right, back to back blog posts! Wooohoooo!!!!

Now have a great Monday :D


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  1. eeeee so cute happy birthday dyl!!!! let me know when ur in PA girlie. im still planning out possible projects for us :)