October 30, 2013

Pick Up Sticks

So I've been outside a lot lately, well more than a city girl usually is. I don't know if it's the time of the year, who doesn't love fall in the NorthEast?! It's beautiful! All the leaves are changing color. It's nice and crisp in the morning. Everything is Pumpkin flavored. And you have my two favorite holidays almost a week within each other, Halloween and my birthday!! Wooo!

So the Halloween festivities have ready begun and I went as Wonder Woman :)

I had a great time!! Best Halloween Party evvvver! But after the party is over, reality sets back in and I find myself back home, waist deep in leaves that have fallen from the trees. So I have come up with a few tips to clean them up...... 

1. Clean the leaves out of your gutters with a leaf blower, it will save you a ton of time. Please don't fall off the roof!

2. You can also pick up the leaves in the yard with your lawnmower.... Mind blown! 

3. Before you pick up the leaves with the mower, collect all the sticks. You can use them to make other things. Like this pin board :)

I made it for the boys room and it looks great with their teepee. 

found this old pin board in the basement and didn't want to throw it away. So I took all the sticks and my hot glue gun and went crazy!

It takes a little while but just keep glueing. 

You could also do matching picture frames :)
Tonight is trick-or-treat and I am suuuuper excited!!! Yay! Logan has a parade at his school and I asked him if I should dress up....

Logan- yea! Be a witch! 
Me- a witch!? Ok. Should I get a black hat?!
Logan- yea! And paint your face green!

Oh gosh! Why couldn't he ask me to be the good witch?! Why do I have to be the bad witch??! It's gonna be a loooong day  ;)


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