June 26, 2013

Emu, Buffalo and Deer, Oh My!!

What a weekend! My friends that live in Colorado were visiting so that was super fun!! My kids had so much fun playing with their son. I actually think my kids behaved better with him around. HA.
On Thursday we all drove back to my home town of Mechanicsburg, PA to go to Jubilee Day. It's a day long fair on the Main Street. There is good food, art and crafts and rides for the kids. We all had so much fun! 

Obviously Logan wanted JoJo's pizza. 

Then on Friday we went to Lake Tobias.
Except that its not an actual lake that you can swim in. The name is totally misleading. Hahaha. It's actually a safari type zoo. You get on a big bus and they drive you all over the 200+ acre land. And the best part is, you can feed the animals!!!! They are so used to people feeding them that they just come up when the buses rolls up.

I think I had more fun then the kids did. 

It was a good time. 

And on Sunday we went to the beach. I mean, where else would you go with your family when you live in New Jersey?!? We live about an hour away from Sea Bright and Sandy Hook National Park and it is very beautiful there. It's sad to drive down the main road, Highway 36, and seeing all the houses that are still damaged by storm Sandy. Half of the houses are rebuilt but the others have a long way to go. I love going to the beach and I know we will be back a lot this summer. 


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