August 9, 2013

I met Sabrina Soto!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! So yesterday was the first day of filming for the 'High Low Project' and I was suuuuuper nervous. I don't get nervous very often so that's saying a lot. Maybe I should of taken a shot of tequila before or something ;)
I was waiting for them to say 'action' and I thought my legs were going to collapse under me. No joke. 
It was super weird at first. You sit there talking to her and there is a camera two feet in front of your face. Oh and about 20 other people sitting around the room. But don't look at them or the camera. Hahaha. But after the power went out, twice, I felt much more comfortable. Sabrina was super sweet and nice. I totally want her to be my new bestfriend and drinking buddy ;) We could drink wine and she could give me design tips and I could make her cookies! It would be the perfect friendship. Ok maybe I went to far. Lol. 
it was a really fun day except that it rained when we were filming our entrance. Look for me using a $200 yellow umbrella!!! Crazy! Thankfully the wind didn't blow it away ;)
Oh and this was my outfit 

Dress from Anthropologie, but its sold out now :(
Necklace from Anthropologie
Shoes by JustFab
I only got this picture and its not very good. Sorry, I was nervous! 

Now I'm going to be working on my house for the next month until they start filming again. I will let everyone know when the episode will air but I don't think it will be till the fall. 

Have a great weekend :)


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