August 17, 2013

Beach Trip

Finally I've been waiting all summer to go to the beach! I mean, I can drive to the beach everyday, it's only an hour from my house. But being at the beach for 10 days its much better :)
So we got here last night, a four hour drive, but waking up here is worth it. 

This is the view from our condo. Beautiful! 
I can't wait to swim in the ocean and plan in the sand all week!! 
I was also in Philadelphia last week. The good old home away from home. Where strangers are friends and friends are family ;)

There is nothing better than having sleepovers with your girlfriends ;)

Now to have more fun at the beach with these crazy kids. Lol.

I think they are looking for Megaladon. Hahaha. Good luck with that, kids! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!


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