January 15, 2016

5 Layer Birthday cake!!

So we have a birthday coming up!!! It's my boyfriend Matt's 35th birthday!! 
Wooopwooooop 🎉🎈
So last night me and Dylan decided to make a birthday cake ( Logan was spending the night at my Moms, so I wanted to do something special with Dylan) but when I opened the fridge I didn't have any eggs. Of course. I don't really eat eggs so I never notice when they are low. Well I guess Matt eats a lot of eggs because we were out. 
Luckily my mom lives around the corner. So we walked over and borrowed some eggs. 
Thanks Mom!
On the walk home Dylan hung out with the gingerbread man.

He was so excited because he walks past him everyday for school but he's always "sleeping". 

Then we went home to make the cake. 
It was just a normal box cake mix but I switched out milk for water. 
So I made 5 thin layers of cake. 
Then put the homemaker cream cheese frosting on each layer. 
Cream Cheese Frosting 
8 oz cream cheese 
4 oz butter 
5-6 cups of powered sugar 
1/4 teaspoon vanilla 

Mix room temperature cream cheese and butter together. Beat until smooth then add the vanilla. 
Slowly add the powered sugar till everything is fluffy and sweet enough to your taste. 

The picture looks awful because it was like 9 pm when I finished it. HA. 
But it's super delicious and really easy to make. 


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