December 2, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Wrap Up

I can't believe its Monday already! This weekend just flew by. My brain has been a little foggy with all the turkey and wine ;)
And my episode of The High Low Project was on and I didn't even get to see it. I'm kinda glad I didn't because I don't want to see myself look silly on national television. Hahahahaha. But at least I can't post all the pictures I want. I wasn't allowed to post anything until the show aired, and that was difficult. HA. 
So now I can post pictures of EVERYTHING!! Yay! 

Like the amazing carpet they picked out. 

This carpet is huuuge, it's maybe 8x10 feet! 
And how good do my floors look?! I'm glad they dried in time :)

But I think my favorite things in the room are my pictures that they framed. 

They are pictures I took when I lived in Brooklyn and they were on my Instagram! 

I'm not gonna lie, the yellow dresser is pretty amazing!!! 

And here is the bed and canopy. 

 The new headboard is actually packed up because we just sold the house. I know crazy!!! But luckily I can take everything with me.  
I can even put this canopy up somewhere else. It is just curtain rods!! 

The episode was filmed almost 4 months ago so the room have gotten plenty of use. Unfortunately the kids think it's bed now and I can't ever get them out :)
Maybe I should redo their room and then they will go back. Hahaha. 

I also had a great Thanksgiving with my family, I guess that is the whole point to the holiday. 

My Papa was the happiest man in the world I think :) 


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  2. Hi Stephanie, your bedroom on the High Low Project was awesome! I want to use that paint color. Do you know which color it is? Thank you!!