November 22, 2016

Jord Wood Watches

Happy thanksgiving y'all!! I hope you are so much turkey and ham that you can't move. 
That's what I did and now I'm burning off the calories by feeding the baby and shopping online. Because that's totally a work out for me. 
So when Jord Wood Watches reached out to me I was pumped! 
Like, hell yea! 
I love the idea of things made of wood that aren't usually. Like sunglasses and watches. They are beautiful. 
Then it came in the mail and I opened the box. 
It's a big wooden box. And it's awesome!

 It's engraved the lid comes completely off annnd there is a secret stash drawer at the bottom. Super cool. 

Then comes the actual watch. It's made of wood also, sandlewood. On the back of the watch its ingraved with the date it was made. Mine is 8/22/2016. It's also 'born in St. Louis' which may not be local for me but it is for some of you. And I LOVE shopping from local businesses. Or small startups because I try to be cool and hip like that! 
I'm not like other moms, I'm a cool mom. 

So I chose a men's watch because I like bigger watches. They are more bold and loud.
Just like me! 

So I got the Frankie it's dark sandlewood and it's gorg. They also have a maple one that is to die for. 
They are a perfect gift for someone you love or even just kinda like.
Think about it! 
You don't even really need to wrap it. Just put the box under the tree and you're done!
I seriously wish all my holiday shopping could be so easy.
What's even better is that they are doing a giveaway too so if you click here you can sign up and they will automatically give you a $25 credit! 
So check it out and then you can sleep in tomorrow and shop online instead!! 
Happy turkey day!!


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